We make things easy for cave divers in the Lot... A high speed filling station for all your air, oxygen, nitrox and trimix... Some of the best food on the planet.... A wonderful place to put your head to rest... An array of adapted rental gear... All right smack in the middle of all the caves... So you get to explore this:

The first time we dived the caves here in the Lot, France, was in 2003. In 2004 we figured there must be a better way. We thought of a better way. We also said: "If you build it, they will come". That line from the movie "Field of Dreams" was our guiding motive.

We came to France in 2008 and have built all with our own hands. We started with a house and built a restaurant, a filling station, chalets for you to sleep in and also a wonderful reputation. Guests commend our hospitality and our commitment to help you were we can so you have the best possible stay. Some of them have started coming more for the food than the diving...

And your stay can't get much better with everything you need in one single place. No more driving back and forth for diving, food, gas and a bed. Everything in one single place.

We have built the panultimate cave diving center. There is none like it. In the world. Once you have stayed here, you will understand too!

But there's more. We dive caves too! Harald is GUE Cave2 trained. Monique is IANTD Technical Cave trained. We know the caves you will dive in. We know the way the caves react to the weather. We know the stuff you really need to see. We know where to go and where to stay away.

You don't get that elsewhere. You get it all here!

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