We make things easy for cave divers in the Lot... A high speed filling station for all your air, oxygen, nitrox and trimix... Some of the best food on the planet.... A wonderful place to put your head to rest... An array of adapted rental gear... All right smack in the middle of all the caves... So you get to explore this:

fs03bxOur filling station is equipped with a 450 litre/minute 330 bar Hamworthy BP22V (marine) compressor. We use it to produce EAN32 (32% nitrox) on stock. We stock about 250,000 litres of EAN32. During the day, we will fill the stock so at night we can fill your tanks.

Our double filter system is monitored constantly with an L&W Puracon system, so we know we have the perfect gas. The gas is analysed annually for CO, CO2, H2O and oil. All the maintenance we do, all the analysing and measuring yields a superb breathing gas. Every single fill.

In order to guarantee service at all times, we also have a 386 litre/minute 330 bar Hamworthy BP10V (marine) compressor on stand-by.

We only charge you the amount of gas that we fill. Bring in a tank at 153 bar and we'll consider that 153 bar to be yours already. It's only the top-up in bar * volume that we'll charge. Always. Please note, that we treat air fills the same as nitrox fills in terms of pricing.

For top-ups of -for example- OC trimix tanks and rebreather oxygen tanks, we have a TecServe 2/300 booster which we can use to boost any gas upto 300 bar.

You are welcome to bring your own gas if you want (but don't forget to bring fill whips, couplings and so on, as gas connections are not standardised). We'll happily do the work and get your tanks filled!

Gas prices can be found here.

If you are thinking of diving trimix during your stay, please let us know, so we can stock sufficient helium. We depend on a bi-weekly delivery schedule for our certified diving gasses.

The filling station also houses the charging and drying room, where you can charge all your batteries and dry your drysuits and undergarments. We use the heat from the compressor to actively heat the drying room.

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